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“We’ll pamper your furry kids like they’re ours.
They won’t even miss you!”


Pampered Paws by the Sea
Deb Hultz – Owner
Jacksonville Beach, Fl


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Pampered Paws by the Sea References

Thank you both for taking such good care of my little Bambi! I will definitely give any pet owner your card. I have never been happier and felt more at ease than I did leaving her in your care. Thank you!

Bambi’s Mom
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL





Lucky and Taz need to be let out during the day while we are at work. Lucky has a lot of energy and needs some play time during the day, and Taz enjoys the treats Deb gives her! They are both accustomed to regular and frequent play and loving and Deb takes the time to play with them and keep them engaged and happy. Deb visited us on a day when I was home and both dogs were so excited to see her – it was easy to see how much they adore her! It’s nice to have a reliable, trustworthy person like Deb taking care of them both when we cannot be there. Caring for our pets is not just Deb’s profession, it is her passion. We appreciate her and I wouldn’t trust my pets with anyone else!

Lucky and Taz’s Mom
Jacksonville Beach, FL






Deb & Cindy,

Mitch and I want to thank you for taking such great care of our four-legged kids while away on vacation. We know it’s not an easy gig taking care of four dogs – especially when it comes to our “special needs boy”, Odie. When Deb told us that Odie refused to eat because of the thunderstorms, but she sat with him in the closet and encouraged him to finish his dinner, we knew we had the right person taking care of our kids when we’re away. Thank you so much for understanding his limitations, phobias, and eating disorder!!!
Please feel free to use us as a referral if any of your potential clients want to inquire about your services; We will be happy to give you two paws up!

Shelly and Mitch
Bindi, Aspen, Odie & Petey’s Parents
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dear Deb,
We had never had an in-house pet sitter before - we've never felt right about giving someone we didn't know full access to our home. But, after realizing that boarding Cooper and George was probably as stressful on everyone, we decided to see if we could find someone who we could trust with our home and our pups!

After our first meeting with you, we were not only fully confident in your dog-loving abilities, but we were also confident in leaving you with a key to our home. You gave us much needed peace of mind when we were gone, going beyond by calling us on your first visit and asking us to call you when we got back so you knew the dogs were taken care of.

We really love the personal and attentive care you provide. We hope you become very successful - but don't lose that wonderful small business feel and service! It's just what the world needs more of.

Jason, Amy and Lola
George & Cooper's Family
Atlantic Beach, FL




I would like to thank you again and again for being such a great petsitter! You are very conscientious and have a wonderful way with my dog Max. I have had petsitters for several years and you are tops! You always go the extra mile. Every time you visit my dog, Max, you make sure that he not only enjoys a great walk, but that he gets fresh water and is well fed. You have brought in the mail as well as the trash can without being asked and make sure the lights are on and that the doors are locked and secure. You always make sure that I get home from any out of town travel and will go back to see Max in the event my travel plans delay my arrival in getting home. Max really enjoys your visits and gets very excited when you come over. You always make time for playing with him and his toys and give him his favorite treats.

Thanks for being such a great petsitter!

Max's Mom
Ponte Vedra Beach

Seamus is our heart and we are extremely protective about who cares for him. I trust Pampered Paws by the Sea to take care of our Seamus more than I do our friends or family. It's so heart breaking to leave our boy while traveling for work or vacation. While we miss him terribly, we are comforted by the knowledge he is in the care of extremely loving and attentive caregivers. Deb and Cindy constantly provide updates on how he's doing and always notify me if they see a change in his normal behavior.

You cannot beat the price and service Pampered Paws provides, nor can you place a price on the peace of mind in knowing your furry family members are being well cared for and loved. I can't thank Deb and Cindy enough for all they do for him and us!! Thank you for taking care of Seamus as if he was one of your own!!

Seamus' Mom
Ponte Vedra Beach

As a veterinarian, I utilize petsitting services for two main reasons: my dogs are at home and happy, and because they are at home, they are not at risk of acquiring contagious diseases such as kennel cough, canine influenza or parasites, to name a few. For almost a year now, Pampered Paws By the Sea has provided exceptional care for my pets. They are reliable, alert (will let you know if anything seems unusual), and best of all; it's obvious that they really love animals. Pampered Paws By the Sea has eased my worries when I am away- all I do now is miss my dogs, not worry about them!

Sydney & Benny's Mom
Jacksonville Beach